sparck - strategic design consultancy
Me, Myself and AI.


You are invited to a fun & insightful evening that will help you think about the possibilities of AI in your organisation and provide you with some useful tools to rapidly and inexpensively innovate new ideas!

AI, machine learning and big data are a fast-maturing group of technologies that are revolutionising the way people and businesses interact. The opportunities they provide to generate new value, deliver outstanding experiences and drive efficiency are vast.


The evening will kick off with a short, thought-provoking presentation by Simon Sear, Head of SPARCK. 

He will look at how, beyond the hype, AI is already having a huge impact on growth and efficiency across industries. A pragmatic canter through real examples and insights into how to get started and what gotchas to look out for!

5:30pm Arrive, drinks, nibbles and networking

6:00pm Keynote presentation by Simon Sear

6:30pm AI Design Thinking Workshop

8:30pm Panel discussion chaired by Simon Sear ‘AI gets real’

9:00pm Workshop ends followed by drinks and networking

The evening will then switch to an engaging Design Thinking Bootcamp, where the SPARCK team will take everyone through a rapid Design Sprint. Working in teams from a mix of organisations you will learn how to use Design Thinking to create innovative ideas using AI in rapid time. There will be lots of post it notes and the odd glass of wine to help things along.

We will finish with a panel of AI, data and innovation experts discussing how to put all these great ideas into practice – we hope to inspire you to take some of the ideas generated and Design Thinking methods back to real applications in your organisation. The event is also a great opportunity to network with Digital Leaders in the area.



SPARCK is the Design Consultancy of BJSS - a UK Agile Engineering Consultancy comprising of 900 Consultants and Engineers, headquartered in Leeds, but with offices across the UK supporting local communities. 

In the South West, we have made our home in Bristol, and can be found on Victoria Street where we have over 90 people engaged in numerous digital programs.

This is the first of a series of events that we plan to run to support local businesses with information and examples of the use of technology in practical application, defining the art of the possible, and showcasing the power of agile when adopted by business. We hope you will be able to attend.