Rapid Prototyping with Google Firebase

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Google Firebase provides a realtime database allowing mobile developers to retreive, store and automatically synchronise data across multiple clients giving them the ability to rapidly develop working proof of concepts.

Companies today are constantly coming up with new ideas for mobile applications, whilst still having the challenge of being able to validate the concept, without major cost.

Based on real world experience, we find that it is vital to develop a working proof of concept, which can be used as a Business Case Validator for the stakeholders, giving them the ability to prove, and justify that the application is suitable for further investment.

Use of the Firebase Service from Google allows developers to rapidly develop mobile applications which automatically sync data using a realtime JSON database.

Using this realtime database, combined with some innovative client side code, gives you an eco-system that the design and development teams can reconfigure on the fly with changes being immediately visible. Clients therefore have the ability to easily explore, change and develop their ideas.

Our Mobile Innovation Lab allows companies to share their concept, then follow their ideas through one or more of the following stages:

  • Idea Feasability
  • Discovery, Research and Design
  • Iterative Prototyping
  • Proof of Concept Development

BJSS Mobile Innovation Lab

By using suitable tools, the designs, assets and prototypes created in these early stages can be re-used rather than thrown away. This allows the application to be easily transitioned from concept, through integration, and onwards into live rollout.

Going Live
Google Firebase has the required services to allow it to be used for live operation, however when further integrations are required, Amazon AWS along with the AWS Mobile Hub is the perfect solution to be able to further integrate and extend the application.

Today, Google Firebase provides us with a fantastic tool for rapid prototyping however, in this rapidly changing space, where cloud companies are competing in the mobile eco-system, both Google and Amazon are worth keeping an eye on as their offerings evolve and mature.

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