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Customer Experience
Thinking and behaving digitally is about more than just giving your teams new tools.
HR professionals: What are your thoughts on your employees' experience of work?  Do you seek to provide meaning to the work your employees do? Do you confuse engagement with experience? How do you measure success in your organisation?

Thinking and behaving digitally is about more than just giving your teams new tools. It's about designing interactions around the experience you want them to receive while at work. Short example: Imagine the day when you need to book holiday - so you just book through the EasyJet app and forward the receipt to an HR admin who updates the scheduling calendar. Hey, you could even automate it if you want to go really digital. No portals. No internal apps. No reports. A simplified user experience (light bulb moment: we're not just talking about wireframes - we're actually talking about the employee journey - get it?).

There's a reason why this is important now more than ever in the content of Digital change. Often businesses ask the same question: 'How do I become a digital organisation?' They seek to answer it through new technologies, services, operating models and organisation design. Role titles change and new talent is introduced to help bolster new processes which didn't exist before.

This all helps, but to be a digital organisation, it's time to think about the behaviour shift in your existing teams. Start asking the real questions about what it means to think Digital:

  • How do we measure success? In number of consumers, or in profits?
  • How can we collaborate and share better, and move away from a culture of ‘ownership’?
  • Can we welcome failure in our organisation?
  • How do we stay fearless and motivated by opportunities?

Employee experience addresses this through deeper thinking about user interaction with your organisation. It starts with how they first find and apply for a job at your company and ends with how they leave and includes everything in between - and it's the everything in between that defines your success as a digital organisation.

Tom Morgan


Tom's skills lie in service design, culture change and customer experience, and facilitating sessions and workshops to create new products, services and ways of working.