8 Ways to be a Superstar at Work

Digital Culture
Here are eight important trends that you should start to think about now to put yourself and your kids (Generation Z) at the top of the list of high achievers:

1. Performance will be measured more and more by outcomes, not hours worked:

  • Flexible working is already making its impact felt with more and more people keen to work flexibly.
  • Rather than being defined as someone who works behind a desk between 8 and 7, you need to be able to work independently and show that you deliver tangible results. This is especially true when combined with the trend towards organisations employing more independent workers and less staff.

2. The growth jobs will be creative based:

  • Technology will supersede many analytics based jobs: software is better at finding trends and making decisions than humans are. Everything from diagnosing diseases to picking the right stocks will largely be done by computers. You need to either be an engineer or a creative to prosper.
  • Jobs in most demand will entail creating new innovations from pulling together ideas, concepts and information from various threads. You need to find your inner Philippe Starck.

3. Social Networking at work will become normal

  • As technology becomes more ubiquitous, we are becoming more and more socially connected or, more accurately, more networked.
  • Organisations will learn to master social media tools both internally and externally. They will shift from being command driven to boundary based.
  • You must learn the art of networking on social platforms, internally and externally, which means actively taking part to generate value, not just broadcasting your thoughts or photos of your kids.

4. More independent workers

  • As both individuals and organisations seek more flexibility, people are forecasting that in the near future up to half of all workers will be independent consultants.
  • You will need to continually negotiate your rewards based on the outcomes you create.

5. Email will become less important 

  • The good news is that you will spend less of your time checking your email because the volume of messages will start to go down, but the bad news is that communication will become more constant and real time as networks grow and integrate. People will expect you to respond instantly.
  • You must master the art of messaging and turning off your devices!

6. Small is beautiful

  • Think of the organisation as a dynamic ecosystem of value – it is made up of digitally connected products and services and people that combine to meet customers’ needs, delivering more value than the sum of their parts.
  • Technology allows organisations to swap out parts of that system for more efficient components and enables small start-ups to enter the market and offer low cost competition.
  • As a result, roles at large organisations will go into decline and there will be a rise in small companies and independent workers. You must build your own brand and marketing plan.

7. Fast and flexible delivery

  • All of the clients I work with want faster and more flexible delivery. Why? Because you can’t hang around in today’s environment and to win you need to be able to respond quickly.
  • Delivering quickly inevitably means taking more risks and relying heavily on experience and intuition rather than process and procedures. Many people need to get comfortable with that and the fact that they will fail from time to time. But you need to be able to make quicker decisions, dusting yourself down and trying again when you don’t succeed. Teach yourself and your kids the art of taking action and resilience!

8. Gamification

  • Gaming isn’t just for kids! Games will make us better people and improve our performance at work. You will need an open mind because work will involve playing games. * Don’t believe me? Check out why Jane McGonigal thinks she can make you live 10 years longer by gaming.

Simon Sear


Simon leads SPARCK, helping customers invent new and innovative ideas and prototypes. He has over 20 years experience reliving transformational change to businesses.