Tim Walpole


I began a 21 year career with Fujitsu in Seattle,  spending 3 years in Luxembourg for the European Commission and most importantly all, sparking my interest in systems Integration.  

If there was ever a problem which required a solution to integrate multiple systems then my interest was sparked.

From then mobile development became my passion, and after learning Swift and Objective-C and developing some 3D Dice cool apps, I ended up as Head of Mobile Development at BJSS with a passion for design, development and delivery of quality mobile applications.

Now for the mobile passion - Mobile applications should be designed by working in one team with those UI / UX Consultants, BA’s and assurance Teams. The applications should be prototyped early to confirm its the app that’s needed and then developed with quality built in from the start.  BDD and TDD are the buzz words to consider along with Agile, Unit Testing, Quality Assurance,  Continuous Integration, Crash Reporting, Analytics and User Insights. All must parts for delivery of that perfect application.