Terry Dixon


It’s taken me almost 20 years to realise that studying Art at University was the right thing to do!

First in Advertising and mainly in CX Management, I worked with some of the biggest companies in the world to design the best experience for their customers. During this time, I’ve continued to ‘act like an artist’ - artists are perpetually inquisitive, always looking at things differently and challenging the status quo. In today’s fast changing digital world, this has never been more critical. 

Strategic design thinking is central to what we do at SPARCK, we help our clients design the next generation services and products. I’m passionate about working with forward thinking organisations (and that’s you when you come to SPARCK for help!) who place their customers at the centre to design compelling experiences.

Art, digital technology and design will continue to shape our world, I look forward to helping you design the future rather than be swept up by it.