Simon Sear


I studied psychology for 5 years and at the end of it I was all set to be a business psychologist. I’ve always been interested in us social animals and what makes us tick and 20 years ago I joined a consultancy aiming to change the world, well the culture of an organisation or two! 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m not sure yet, I ended up applying my analysis skills on an IT project. It was the recession of the early 1990’s and, although I had the enthusiasm of youth and the latest psychological thinking, no one wanted to buy it, but they did want to buy IT and I was getting married and needed the bonus to pay for the wedding.  

So, there started a 20+ year career in IT that’s taken me from being a rookie consultant, to a CIO managing hundreds of people and millions of pounds and back again to being a consultant. I love change, I’ve learnt a thing or two about IT and consulting and I still have that passion for psychology.