Rebecca Laycock


I graduated from the University of York with a BSc in Psychology. As a keen psychologist, I’m fascinated by how and why people interact the way they do, and how technology shapes their behaviour. 

Since graduating I progressed to a Lead UX Practitioner whereby I put my love of human interaction and research in to practice. With over two years of experience in this role, I spent many hours researching and understanding user needs, and many days helping designers get the balance between great design and one that is usable! I enjoy creating personas and helping clients to identify who their users are.

At SPARCK I want to help clients meet their customer’s needs by putting the user at the core of any product, service or design to create an excellent user experience. As well as this I can’t wait to get involved in the ‘Research, Design, Prototype’ workflow to help clients create new digital services which fulfil a need.