Natalie Pearce


I’ve always been really interested in people - not just because I’m nosey (which I am) but also because I like to understand the reasons behind our curious behaviour. This interest stayed with me at university so I was pretty pleased when studying the ‘Economics of Well-Being’ in one of my modules. I loved toying with the idea of happiness, what it means and how it’s achieved for different people.

After university, I joined the banking world on a graduate scheme where I had a variety of different roles before settling into Digital Strategy and later working on the strategic development of their mobile banking app. Both roles sparked my interest in Technology. I’d always seen myself as quite the tech savvy user but now I was thinking in a business sense, bringing the user and business perspectives together.

Today, I love to help companies to see the world from their users' point of view, understanding their needs and what’s important to them.