Lauren Dowding


I find the intersection between technology and people fascinating. Technology changes rapidly, and human nature is so diverse- there is always something to learn.  It’s why I’m so passionate about the importance of culture in innovation.  New ways of thinking, products, or services, all need behaviour change to be successful.

I began my career in Digital Marketing agencies.  Starting out in Account Management, I quickly made my way to Digital Strategy - embracing the chance to be inquisitive.  As a Strategist, I’ve enjoyed working across a variety of industries, with a brief stint in Mobile.  Helping clients to take advantage of the opportunities technology affords.  But always putting people at the heart of an idea. 

As Sparck’s 10th employee(!), I work with a team of brilliant thinkers, and leading technology, to affect powerful business change.  Helping our clients to step into the shoes of their audience.  And imagine a better, and more fortuitous future for their business.