Franki Simonds


Having started my professional life with an Engineering Degree I’ve always been a secret geek and loved design in all shapes and sizes. When given the opportunity to get stuck into complex digital design projects at Accenture I didn’t look back. I spent a few years on the front lines helping to design, build and deliver various products across wide range of industries including Public Sector, Commodities, Education and more.  These projects included building "one of the most connected buildings in the world” – so maybe I haven’t quite left the Engineering side of me behind just yet.

I was born with a (sometimes too) logical mind and love a good methodology, but I’m a creative at heart. For me strategic design at SPARCK is that perfect blend of art and science, agency and consultancy, jeans and tortoise shell glasses. As a consultant, I love to be curious, exploring how we can link the digital and physical worlds in a way that improves lives whilst also being realistic for the business.