Cecilia Mir


Due to my background in Social Science, I have always been interested in people’s welfare and social development. I like thinking of myself as a very empathetic person, who likes putting herself in other people’s shoes in order to understand how they think and work under different situations. I believe it is important to create a connection with others if you want to make a real change.

In today's digital world, changes are driven by emerging technologies; so, after having worked in the public sector for a couple of years, I decided to join the IT industry. I thought that my interest in people’s behaviour coupled with the use of technology could be of great mix to come up with innovative and human-centred solutions. 

At SPARCK I want to work together with clients to produce creative solutions that put users’ needs first. To do that, we need to be radical in our thinking, be a people-person and work in a team - and that’s what we are good at!