Annabel de Souza


I would describe myself as combo UX/Business Analyst believing that one should not exist without the other. My journey began in a start-up for London’s first multi-fleet taxi booking service (Kabbee). I enjoy the complex task of analysing the required capabilities to deliver that seamless experience to the end user.

I am a firm advocate for fully understanding the value to the end user first to ensure the right solutions are chosen. I strive to point out every possible scenario. There are many great ideas but without structure they are unlikely to materialise the intended value. In my career, I have trained and supported project teams around the world at global companies such as American Express, Unilever and HSBC to use visualisation techniques to collaborate and communicate their ideas effectively.

In the last decade it has been exciting to see and adopt technology that has improved the way we work, communicate and make decisions. My passion lies in designing services that consider the experience even before technology gets involved. I will always challenge the status quo if it means better ideas and a more valuable product.